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  11th International Prune Association Congress
held in Agen, France, June 15-16-17, 2009 - Géode de l'IUT - ZAC Agen-sud


  Update on world prune statistics, Christian Amblard  
  South Africa – Dappie Smit
  Australia, Jeff Granger + PowerPoint  
  Chile, Pedro Pablo Díaz  
  France, Claude Crouzet
Argentina, presented by Luc Lapèze
  Italy, Alberto Levie  
  USA, Rich Peterson + PowerPoint  
  Report on IPA promotion in India, Rachna Sharma, SCS-Group  
  Prunes and Glycaemic Index, Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, Univ. of Sydney
  Nutrition in the Sports of Mountain, Dr. Jean-Pierre Herry, Chamonix  
  Prunes and female dietetics, Professor Jean-Marie Bourre, Paris  
  California Prune Board Nutrition Research Update, Mary-Jo Feeney, California + PowerPoint  
  “Wine growing and global warming: what lessons for prune production?”
Jean Pierre Chabin, Climatology Research Center, University of Burgundy, France
  “How increasing temperatures have reduced yields and quality of Californian tree fruits in warm years”
Ted Dejong, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Davis, California
  “Adaptation of prune growing to increased climatic variability”
Jean-François Berthoumieu, Mid-Garonne Climatological Association
  Visit of Tour-de-Rance INRA Station  
  Visit of prune farms: Christian and Patrice Pallard, Dominique Bottéon  
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